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Income Tax (T1) for Individuals:

•Businesses - self employed or partnerships
•Real Estate owners
•Actors / Musicians and other performing artists

We have found that large-number families were not aware of benefits they were missing and to whom it may be applied. A quick preparation "job" runs the risk of missing valuable tax deductions. Saving on preparation, may cost a lot more than the amount saved on a "cheap" job.

Income Tax (T2) Incorporated tax returns.

Over the life of an individual, the amount of Tax paid by an individual is likely to be more than the cost of a house!

Income tax returns (TI) represents approximately 65% of our business and Incorporated Income Tax (T2) around 15%. Software support (QuickBooks) represents 5% of our business. We are researching software for larger the organisations.

An ideal client would be anyone or business that fits in the categories mentioned and can benefit from our services.


Bookkeeping Services

Welcome to our focused accounting service

This focused biz-BOOKs service is provided by biz-CLINIC record-keeping under license from biz-CLINIC Canada ©1997-2014 All Rights Reserved

Advanced Business Development
We provide effective, small business accounting services in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia.

Our clients have the option to share workload, reducing their costs, improving their control of their business and increase profitability.

We research client needs before advising which software to buy. The software needs to be practical and easy to use. Your business may be

Monthly / Quarterly Accounting - check or write up over your entry records, correct any errors, reconcile your bank accounts provide you with

· Trial Balance

· Balance Sheet

· Income & Expense

· sales tax (GST) reports

· Payroll slips

· Monitor your situation and report analysis

· Compare with business plan (if applicable)

· Cash Flow reports, historical and projected


· Year-end adjustments and preparation for income tax.

· Business and personal Income Tax.

· Group personal Income Tax preparation for the employees.

.... Don't risk losing valuable business documents by removing them from your place of business. We are happy to support their work or help them provide this service to you directly.

That's why we call our service unconventional! This scaleable service is designed to meet most business requirements while being practical, effective and easy to use.


Learn to look at your business through an acconting and tax lense. Contact us for upcoming class dates.